VertiQuest Gym Movement Skills Event

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ages 9-13 :   10am - 2pm    click here to register for ages 9-13

Age 14+ comp is cancelled

Entry Fee: $60

Come on out to VertiQuest Gym to have a blast putting your movement skills to the test! We will be having a fun competition that will have 10 challenges to try and complete with a perfect mixture of parkour and ninja obstacle proficiency.

Skills might include parkour movements such as wallruns, catleaps, precisions, bar swings, etc and ninja movements like tricky grabs, shaky balance obstacles, accurate rope swings and such.

We will be giving out some cash prizes, but this event is also a way to help out the gym from pandemic hardships. So even if you’re not sure if your training is quite there, you should still sign up and have a great time just giving it a shot and having fun for a bunch of hours at VertiQuest!

How it works:

We will introduce you to the challenges in the first 30 minutes and then let you practice any of the challenges for an hour. You can put in as much practice as you want on any challenge or choose to save your energy for when it counts.

Then we will separate into 10 groups of a few people and rotate from challenge to challenge with a judge at each station. Certain challenges will get points based on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd attempts (full points for 1st try). Other challenges might be just one attempt and points are based on how far you went, or possibly certain times to get under for the points.

There will be a max of 3 points per challenge (30 points total), and we will award cash prizes to a certain percentage of the point leaders. We will have a tie breaker challenge for anyone with the same number of total points for final placement.

Any extra time can be for extra training, awards, etc.

We can't wait to see you for our 4th of these competitions that everyone RAVES about!!

Want to have a class at VertiQuest but still nervous about being in groups?

Schedule a private class and have the whole gym to yourself! You'll be able to get the most out of learning your movement as the instructor will be able to physically stay with YOU through the whole hour and really hone in on all of YOUR movement skills. We will work on all different ways to move your body while having fun and getting fit! Let us know ahead of time if there is are specific movements you would like to work on, otherwise we will come up with a bunch of different skills to improve.

This is the only option at the gym for a 5 or 6 year old to participate, but must be 1 on 1 (no siblings or friends joining) and a parent present.

For now, the private classes will only be with coach Mike.

Email us at to schedule a private class!

Let us know: Your name and phone number; Participants name and age, the date interested in, paying with cash or card

TIMESLOTS:      12:00 pm - 1:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday

PRICING:       $35 per person if paying cash        $40 per person if paying by card

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