This year we have made homeschool sessions available to anyone who can make it at the specific times listed on our schedule during school hours.  Starting the week of September 9th, those slots for now would be:

1pm-3pm on Thursdays for ages 7-8
11am-1pm on Fridays for ages 9 and up
1pm-3pm on Fridays for ages 9 and up

 During these sessions we will do a 1 hour class format where we will mix parkour movements, ninja courses, and maybe some games. We will just have different fun courses and movements to work on each time so that anyone may join in at any time. Then followed by a 1 hour open gym for that same group to explore and practice what they learned.

 The pricing for these sessions would be $25, or you may purchase a pack of 4 for $80.
(Our normal pricing for a 1 hour class + 1 hour open gym would be $35, so it is a great deal for the homeschool timeslots.) Either of these pricing options are good for a year from purchase, so you have plenty of time to use them.


We do have strict age designations for our sessions, as we have a couple things in the gym that cannot be accessed by the younger age groups. Here are a few of the general ‘age rules’:
- 7 is the strict minimum age to participate in any activities at the gym.
- We cannot have anyone under age 9 at the sessions designated as ‘9 and up’, even if they are very close to that age.
- We can however have older siblings join in the 7-8 year old sessions, as long as they abide by the same rules for those sessions as for the couple of things they may not use/access.


As with any of our sessions here, please have a look at our ‘Checklist Before Coming’ on our website for a couple of important things to do/note before coming.

Then see our ‘Online Signups’ page of our website for a step by step process for signing in for any sessions here. You would just need to purchase one of the homeschool options listed, and then make sure to sign in to the session you wish to come to.

Make sure to sign up before the day of the session. Since these sessions will be starting our day, we will need to spend some time setting up for them the night before, and come in much earlier that morning. If we do not have 2 or more signed up for a session before 8pm the night before, we will most likely cancel the homeschool session for that day.

Also, we only have 8 slots per session, so they could max out from signups as well. The earlier you sign up the better to prevent it filling up on you. You can sign into your profile and cancel a session if you know you cannot make it, and it goes back onto your profile for a later use. Just make sure to cancel before the morning of if you can.

We hope you can make it to some of these sessions through this 2019-2020 schoolyear, and look forward to watching you progress in how your body can move!

April 30, 2020:​​


We will be closed until further notice as declared mandatory by the state Governor. All non-essential businesses are to remain closed for the time being to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please stay tuned and we hope to see everyone here again very soon! Stay healthy and safe out there!
Anyone who had passes still active when we shut the doors have been extended a few months.


Please make sure to sign up for sessions ahead to guarantee spots. Some sessions max out and you cannot join at the door if you are not signed up. Some late night sessions are closed off early if nobody is signed up for them within an hour or two. Always check here for that.

Follow the online signups page to pay online and signup. If you want to pay cash, send us a quick email to hold off your spots so we know someone will be coming to a certain session.