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VertiQuest Gym will be having weekly summer camps starting June 15th. You can sign up for whichever week you would like (based on the age group for that week) and they will go from Tuesday through Friday. There will be 2 camp timeslots each week. One will be from 9am-12pm each day, and the other will be from 12pm – 3pm each day. You must stick to that timeslot through the week. There will be a max of 8 participants for each week, so sign up quickly. See the daily structuring below (subject to small changes):

Tuesday:    1st hour - Floor is Lava courses,    2nd hour - Team games,    3rd hour - Open Gym

Wed:    1st hour - Ninja Class,     2nd hour - Ninja Games,     3rd hour - Open Gym

Thursday:    1st hour - Parkour Class,     2nd hour - Parkour Games,     3rd hour - Open Gym

Friday:    1st hour - Skills Challenges,     Last 2 hours – Open Gym

Cost: $200

You must sign-up for the full week of camp, not the individual days/sessions. If you cannot make it to camp sessions during the week, we will give you a complimentary class and open gym to use for any other regular sessions here (2 days max):

Weeks and Age Groups (click on the timeslot to purchase):

Camp - June15-18 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - June15-18 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - June22-25 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM
Camp - June22-25 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM

Camp – June29-July2 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - June29-July2 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - July06-09 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM
Camp - July06-09 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM

Camp - July13-16 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - July13-16 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - July20-23 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM
Camp - July20-23 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM

Camp - July27-30 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - July27-30 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - Aug03-06 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM
Camp - Aug03-06 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM

Camp - Aug10-13 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - Aug10-13 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - Aug17-20 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM
Camp - Aug17-20 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM

Camp - Aug24-27 (Ages 9+) 9AM-12PM
Camp - Aug24-27 (Ages 9+) 12PM-3PM

Camp - Aug31-Sept3 (Ages 7-8) 9AM-12PM

Camp - Aug31-Sept3 (Ages 7-8) 12PM-3PM