-Ninja Instructor

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     Salmon Madness

Our 'Salmon Ladder' setup allows you to ascend the ladder to countless connecting obstacles on opposite sides. The 'Cliffhanger' area allows different ledge pieces to be easily placed in different locations to traverse across.

Replicas of numerous iconic obstacles from the TV show 'American Ninja Warrior' can be found scattered throughout the gym. Many obstacles can be adjusted for different heights, ages, and skill levels. There are other obstacles that will be setup during events and competitions to keep it varied and truly test your adaptability.

Ninja Warrior

Bouldering Wall

           Foam Pit (CLOSED)

Our 15' x 15' x 6' foam pit allows you to safely train any skill or maneuver from a variety of heights, angles, and surfaces. A separate 6 foot wide cove includes a bar for practicing swinging maneuvers.


-Ninja Instructor

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-Owner / Builder / Instructor
-World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF) Certified Instructor
-American Parkour (APK) Certified Instructor

Mike has been training parkour for almost 15 years and been a featured competitor on seasons 4 through 7 of American Ninja Warrior, ANW: Ninja vs Ninja, and 2 years of Ninja Warrior Vietnam. He was able to use his parkour training to place within the top 4 fastest qualifying times 3 years in a row, and make it to the Vegas finals twice. He grew up addicted to action sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. When he discovered parkour, Mike was able to use his previously developed balance, coordination, strength, and agility to safely train his parkour skills with friends at his own self-taught pace. Through many years of trial and error, he is here to teach the many do's and don'ts of the movement skills he loves so much.


-Flips Instructor

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          Bar Setup

Our bar setup includes all different heights, widths, and distances to cover all of your swinging needs. Adjustable 'clamp-on' bar sections also allow for more variety. 

Our 12 foot high bouldering wall has holds for all ages and skill levels. Take a little breather from all the jumps and improve upon that finger strength. This section also includes a free-pivoting wall that swings a little bit while you climb on it!

Moveable Structures

Moveable structures allow for many different parkour lines and trick combinations. Use your imagination to keep your movements new and exciting.


-Parkour Instructor

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