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What is parkour?

Parkour is the physical discipline of using one’s body to navigate over, under, around, or through any structure or barrier in one’s path using movements such as vaults, wall runs, climbups, bar swings, and other methods. It consists of using one’s environment like an obstacle course, getting from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is freerunning?

Freerunning uses the fundamental movements and elements of parkour while focusing more on an artistic approach to movement using flips, tricks, and style. One would use their environment more like a playground where there is no destination, just a canvas to explore the different ways that your body can move.

Isn’t this dangerous?

Any sport or activity that requires athletic abilities can be dangerous, but parkour is all about longevity and keeping your body fit and healthy by learning how to connect one’s coordination, balance, agility, strength, power, flexibility, and control over all of their movements. You learn how to fall properly, roll, and safely bail out of injury prone movements that could sometimes happen in everyday life. Improving upon ones attributes through parkour will also help with so many other sports and activities. As long as the individual stays within their own safe and progressive pace, parkour can be much safer than most other sports.

Why isn’t there more padding on the structures?

Learning all of your movements on strictly soft padding causes you to be a bit more reckless in your progressions, and not focus on the correct ways to level up safely. When taking the movements that you’ve learned in a fully padded gym to the hard surfaces of the outdoor world, you will encounter many mental blocks that will prevent you from achieving those same movements. By learning the movements on wooden structures at a progressive safe pace (with the assistance of carpeted flooring, moveable mats, and dedicated instructors) one can take their movements out of the gym in a much more confident and progressive manner.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Make sure you wear nice tightly tied sneakers, NO SANDALS or CROCS! The best types of shoes to wear are any shoes that have relatively flat based bottoms with good rubber soles. The bigger the treads are, the more likely they are to catch on structure edges and trip you up. There is also more negative space in between the treads that has no use in this type of environment. Good rubber will help you grip to all types of surfaces, whereas foam based bottoms will likely slip on everything. We do sell designated parkour shoes here at the gym for you to check out, try on, and purchase.

How do the class memberships work?  

Our class memberships give the student either 1, 2, or 3 classes per week for one month from the date of purchase. The student may then come to any class at any day or time during the week for their age group, up to the number of sessions they purchased. Each of the 3 class memberships also include an added perk of 1 open gym per week to practice what they learned. Therefore, the 1 class/week gives the student 4 classes and 4 open gyms for the month, the 2 classes/week gives 8 classes and 4 open gyms for the month, and the 3 classes per week gives 12 classes and 4 open gyms for the month.

Why are there less sessions for juniors?

The 7-8 year old juniors are generally less attentive during the more technical lessons. We like to mix it up with the junior classes and include some ninja courses, basic parkour movements, and games in one class with a more fun based structuring. The 9-14 year old range is broken up into separate classes where individual skills are repetitively drilled and rely on more focus and commitment to the movements.

Can my younger child (7-8 yo) join his/her older sibling in the ‘Kid’ classes (9-14 yo)?

It is ok if an older participant (9,10,11yo) wants to join in with the younger participants in our younger junior sessions, but not ok for a younger age to join into an older class range or open gym. In the 9 and up age range there are much larger adults and teenagers training in the gym and it becomes much more dangerous for smaller children with larger weight differences.

Does a parent have to stay at the gym?

If the participant is under 9, the parent will need to stay present during the session. For anyone 9 to 17, it is not mandatory for the parent to stay but always recommended. Plus, if you watch your child during their session, chances are you're going to want to try it yourself!

If I am completely out of shape, is it pointless for me to try this type of training?

Absolutely not! The entire premise of this gym is to get fit through movement at your own pace and fitness level while having tons of fun. Our classes are based on beginner level and variable on an individual fitness level basis. You will be able to lose weight, get fit, increase strength and confidence in your movements just by learning to play again!

If I am new to this type of training, how will I know what to do if I just come in for an open gym?

We always have at least 1 or 2 instructors monitoring the gym during open gyms and giving helpful advice, tips, ideas, and other safety practices. Anyone new to the gym will be given a small orientation to the safety rules and regulations of the facility. And of course, we’re usually around to show you a few advanced moves to strive for and a few of the different progressions to get you started! But obviously, if you are brand new to this training we would highly recommend taking some classes to really keep you safe in your new journey toward fun fitness.

What is the best way to sign in multiple participants?

(Note that this will not work in the mindbody mobile app) After reading through this, click here to get to our mindbody scheduling software. Create a profile for yourself if you don't already have one, and then purchase a pricing option (single drop-in, 3 visit pass, 10 visit pass, etc). Then find the exact session you would like to come to on the mindbody schedule, and click sign-in. Then a small section at the top will ask if you are 'reserving for yourself or for someone else'. Choose reserving for someone else, wait for the type box to appear, and then type in the name of the other person. You can then click 'book another' to reserve multiple slots for different people this way and it will take it off of whichever purchased option is already under your profile.

Please do not bring more than 7 as a group to open gyms to allow enough spots for other individuals and members.

Also note that this (online) is the only way to share multi-visit passes amongst multiple people. We unfortunately cannot share 3 visit or 10 visit passes if they are purchased here at the gym session due to complicated settings in the software.