1) Click on the pricing option that you would like from the options above. If you are on a mobile device and a screen pops up asking you to get the Mindbody app, click the X in the upper right corner to close that and use the phone's browser. The app does not have some necessary features.

2) Choose the quantity of that purchase depending on how many people you will be signing up, then click check out.

3) Log In or Create an account

4) Enter your payment information and place the order.


5) Now that you have passes available to use, you 
MUST SIGN IN for the session you plan to attend. CLICK HERE to go to our Mindbody scheduling software, but refer back to this page.

(The '1 hour Open Gym' option might not let you register for a session, so please message us with an email or text for the exact session you plan to attend to hold your spot)

6) Click ‘Sign up Now’ on the session you want. Choose future weeks with the arrow at the top.

7) On the ‘Make a Reservation’ screen, choose ‘myself’ if the reservation is for you. If you are reserving for a child, or for multiple participants, choose ‘someone else’. Wait for the type bar to appear and type in that person’s full name, then click ‘make a single reservation’.

8) That person is now booked for the session. If you have more people to sign up, choose ‘Book another class’ in the yellow box and repeat steps 6-7 for each person.


See our NEW VISITOR GUIDE for important first steps.




We understand that outside circumstances may prevent you from getting here on time (traffic, other sports, etc), so we allow a 10 minute grace period. However, after 10 minutes you will not be able to enter the class. We go through warmups and introductory movements in the beginning of classes that are crucial to preventing injuries. If already purchased, you will be able to put that unused session toward another day or timeslot.


You must be pre-paid and registered for an open gym. You may not show up more than 10 minutes past that session's start time. If you plan to only stay the first hour of a 2 hour session, you may purchase the '1 hour open gym' pricing option, but it must be for the FIRST hour of that session.


If you are signed in for a session and know that you will not be able to make it, simply log into your account, find the tab for 'my reservations' and cancel your session to have it back on your account to use again. If a session is maxed out with others on the waitlist, and you have not cancelled your session within an hour of the start time, that pass must be used for that session. 


Feel like you're ready to explore the gym and improve your abilities at your own leisure? Grab one of our open gym memberships!

Monthly : $90                    Click here to purchase 1 Month

3 Month : $85 / month       Click here to purchase 3 Month

6 Month : $80 / month       Click here to purchase 6 Month

1 Year : $75 / month         Click here to purchase 1 Year 

​These memberships are for an individual. Please note that the 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year open gym membership options are contract options and will charge your card automatically each month for the listed price for the listed number of months.


***With our new format, all Classes and Homeschool sessions will have the same setups and teachings through the week (Mon - Fri). We will switch up the setups and the movements we are working on every week, but please know the lesson would be repeated if you attend again in the same week.

Class (Ages 9+):During this class time, we will have different setups around the whole gym to teach all different aspects of movement. We will mix parkour training, ninja obstacle courses, fears/heights training, and occasionally some flip training through the hour. 

Jr Class (Ages 7-8): This is a beginner class for ages 7-8 that will introduce them to fundamental elements of parkour, ninja obstacles, games, and other movements in a safe, fun, progressive manner.​


Open Gym (Ages 9+): This is an 'explore at your own pace' session for anyone over 9 years of age (strict age limit) to try out all of the features of the gym. New entrants will be given a brief safety introduction and we'll have staff in the gym to monitor and keep them within their skill level.

Junior Open Gym (Ages 7-8): This is an 'explore at your own pace' session for anyone ages 7-8 to try out most of the features of the gym. New entrants will be given a brief safety introduction and we will have staff in the gym to monitor participants and keep them at their skill level. Parents must stay during these sessions. Juniors will not have access to the foampit for safety reasons.

Homeschool Session: These sessions are available to anyone who can make those specific listed times on the schedule. It will be an hour class where we will mix parkour, ninja, and games on different fun courses each week so that anyone may join in at any skill level. Then they have an hour open gym to explore and practice what they learned. There are separate pricings below for these.

Please notice and stick to the strict age groups for these on the schedule.

Make sure to sign up before the day of the session. Since these will be starting our day, we need to set up for them the night before. Also mainly for cost reasons, if we do not have more than 2 signed up for these before wrapping up the night before, we will most likely cancel the homeschool session for the next morning.


(The following ‘Multiple Category Packages’ have the best per-session values, but must be used within the given time periods. We are giving you the best discount per session, and in return just asking that you come more frequently to play and keep progressing! Please make sure that your schedules will allow you to use these sessions in the timeframes as we cannot make extensions.)

Ages 9+ Packages (2 hour open gyms)

3 Classes + 3 Opens:     $110     ($20/class + 16/open)     2 Month Expiration

5 Classes + 5 Opens:     $160     ($18/class + $14/open)     4 Month Expiration

10 Classes + 10 Opens:     $280     ($16/class + $12/open)     6 Month Expiration


Ages 7-8 Packages (Junior category - 1 hour open gyms)

3 Classes + 3 Opens:     $84     ($20/class + $8/open)     2 Month Expiration

5 Classes + 5 Opens:     $125     ($18/class + $7/open)     4 Month Expiration

10 Classes + 10 Opens:     $220     ($16/class + $6/open)     6 Month Expiration


Sun, 8/1:   

11-12pm Jr Open (age 7-8)       

12-2pm Open (age 9+)       


Please see further below to SIGN IN to a session after purchasing


(These options are all valid for 1 year from purchase)

*Please note thatJunior open gyms (7-8 year olds)are 1 hour sessions as opposed to normal open gyms (9+ year olds)that are 2 hours. Therefore the prices are a little different. Please purchase the correct option for your age category. Classes are all 1 hour sessions and therefore the same rates.

(Click on an option to purchase)

2 Hour Open Gym Pass (ages 9+) : $20

3 Visit Open Gym Pass (ages 9+) : $55

10 Visit Open Gym Pass (ages 9+) : $150

1 Hour Open (ages 9+) : $10 (This is only allowed for the first half of a 2 hour session, as you may not enter halfway through a session. This option has trouble signing into a session, so please email and ask to hold your spot after purchasing)

Single Junior Open Gym Pass (ages 7-8) : $10

3 Visit Junior Open Gym Pass (ages 7-8) : $27

10 Visit Junior Open Gym Pass (ages 7-8) : $80

Single Class : $25

3 Class Pass : $65

10 Class Pass : $190  

Homeschool Session: $25

4 Homeschool Sessions: $80    

If you can't make it in anytime soon, but would still like to help us out during this very rough time after the long COVID closure with full expenses still to payback, here is a link where you can generously donate. You may change the quantity in $20 increments to give more, but any help would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED to help us survive these next months.

Link for a quick donation