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After competing in track and field accompanied by cross country, Jason needed more excitement in his life. This was found when a fellow high school student told him about parkour. It was described to him as a way to move through the environment with fast and precise movement. He thought that was a great change of pace from the traditional running and jumping sports he was so familiar with. Little did he know that through parkour he would find his passion. Parkour led Jason down a path the next 6 years that would take him places he never thought possible. From living and working at a parkour gym in Oregon, to moving across the country where he now spends his days helping youth understand movement on a deeper level at VertiQuest Gym. Through parkour, he says, “I have been able to achieve any goal I put in front of me”. To Jason, parkour is now much more than a way to move through his environment. Since starting parkour, Jason's dream of sports science grew, and he now has a college degree to show for it.  He views parkour as a way of life to overcome any physical or mental challenge. This was a gift given to Jason, which he wishes to pass onto others through the avenue of teaching and showing how parkour has changed his life in hopes others may too be able to overcome their own physical and mental challenges in life.


Owner / Builder / Instructor

Mike has been training parkour for almost 14 years and been a featured competitor on seasons 4 through 7 of American Ninja Warrior. He was able to use his parkour training to place within the top 4 fastest qualifying times 3 years in a row, and make it to the Vegas finals twice. He grew up addicted to action sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. When he discovered parkour, Mike was able to use his previously developed balance, coordination, strength, and agility to safely train his parkour skills with friends at his own self-taught pace. Through many years of trial and error, he is here to teach the many do's and don'ts of the movement skills he loves so much.

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